Is it possible to get a loan for an unemployed person?

Is it possible to get a loan for an unemployed person?

Today, nobody is insured against cuts (which for some reason are often referred to as optimizing staffing): neither an official nor an employee. Even if you have a steady income, he does not. Confirmed by the corresponding entry in the workbook, you are an unemployed citizen. However, an official, an employee and an unemployed person may need a large amount of money that can only be borrowed from a bank. And from that moment, people start dealing with something like a loan to an unemployed person.


What is the main difficulty?

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The fact is that one of the main criteria for assessing the possibility of lending is to assess the customer’s solvency. And if he can’t confirm his income, you can forget about the loan money: the bank won’t risk it.

And yet you can take out a loan for the unemployed. There are a number of ways to get it:

• without submitting an income certificate;

• with the help of brokerage houses;

• contacting a private investor;

• take out a loan for a company.

In the first case, a loan is issued to an unemployed person in part of one of the express loan programs. Their main disadvantage is cannibal interest rates. The lender tries to protect itself against the default risk of unscrupulous borrowers.

In the second case, an organization that is supposedly interested in helping people must cooperate with. In fact, the profit is the commission paid to the applicants. Loans involving brokers are most common, at a high percentage. In addition, you must provide real estate or cars as security. My advice to you: don’t mess around.


A loan to the unemployed can also be made and a private investor

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But it just doesn’t work without security. It should also be noted that the activities of such benefactors are not controlled by anyone. The consequences of such “partnerships” are difficult to predict. Well, if everything is fine. And if not?

The last option is completely legal. Here the state grants unemployment benefits to the unemployed. That is, a citizen receives all of the unemployment benefit to which they are entitled in one sum, but only if their business plan has been successfully defended and the process of registering their business has been completed.


An answer to the question of where to get a loan: to the unemployed

An answer to the question of where to get a loan: to the unemployed

This is about illegal aid. Certainly, many have seen ads, the importance of which lies in the fact that some brokers promise to help them in obtaining a loan. In this case, particular emphasis is placed on the fact that the amount of income and the creditworthiness are irrelevant.

The essence of working with similar business people is as follows. An unemployed citizen gets a fake stamp in the workbook and goes to the bank. If the bank director calls the “company” in which the borrower is supposed to work when checking the workplace, this is confirmed by a special person (forgery). However, you must understand that such systems only work when the credit and financial institution is young, that is, in the sense that its customer base is limited. If, as they say, hiding in the pocket to hide doesn’t work, then all responsibility falls on the weakness of the unemployed. Mediators obviously cannot be found. So think a hundred times, is it worth the risk?